3 Facts about Web 3.0 Domains: It’s time to Decentralize.
07/02/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

“Web 3.0 has unlimited potential to make money and is accessible to anyone with internet connection. 
The early adopters of this technology will be the new whales of the future! ”
Omar Kandil, COO, OBCIDO

Web 3.0, the latest buzz online, promises to be the future of the internet. Wondering what domainname.eth implies? It is a Web 3.0 domain identity that links to your digital wallet. Securely handling deposits, withdrawals, purchases, and transfers - meet your can-do everything account. Self-contained, private and, usually financed with cryptocurrency, there is no reliance on the corporate giants. The latest generation of the internet, Web 3.0, is about identity, ownership, and making a profit.


Own your name. Own your identity. Own your anonymity. Let's break it down. Decentralization is what; Web 3.0 is where; Blockchain Technology is how, and Social Proof is why. Blockchains, decentralized ledger systems, manage and maintain networks without the middleman. They store assets ranging from cryptocurrencies to fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Advocating transparency, blockchains are the most secure way to record, move and track information without intervention. Lacking third-party interference, this technology allows users to complete transactions through governed networks. Web 3.0 domains are unique. The first step is to create a digital wallet through apps like Metamask to buy a Web 3.0 domain name. The next step is to connect your wallet to Unstoppable Domains, or Ethereum Name Service to access “.crypto .wallet .nft .zil .x or .eth.” 


Web 3.0 domains have unyielding ownership rights and permission settings. To buy or not to buy - into the future - is the question. Unstoppable Domains has over two million NFT domains registered. Web 1.0 and Web 2.0's Domain Name System (DNS) and their parent company ICANN resell dot-com addresses to global web hosting markets. A business predicted to reach $216 billion by 2025, GoDaddy is the largest and most popular. Although it is impossible to register a dot-com address permanently, there are leases for indefinite lengths. Lacking ownership, these centralized domains can be attacked, transferred, hacked, censored, seized, or shut down entirely. In the decentralized world of Web 3.0, users have sole ownership, impossible to change without expressed consent. You own your domain.


Employment, profit, and trust play a massive part in the third generation of the world wide web. The average salary for Web 3.0 Developers in America is over $100,000. The Taikai Network breaks down the earning potential for designers, artists, content writers, NFTs, and video producers. Besides profiting from your skills, buying and selling Web 3.0 domains is becoming a lucrative business. Strategize your marketing plan to find the next big or small name. Recently, Budweiser bought the domain beer.eth for 30 ETH, or $95,000. Expensivity's "How to make money with Web 3.0” features informative insights from minting your personal currency to making money from your data. Web 3.0 will revolutionize your life. If you are not quite ready, contact info@obcido.com. We are here to help unravel the infinite possibilities.  By decentralization, we become one identity.

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