3 Valentine’s Day Tokens of Love: Say it with Ethereum
14/02/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor
The Kiss. The Coin. The Talk.

In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as Valentine's Day in memory of the martyred saint who died on that day. The earliest known card was written by Margery Brews in 1477 to her fiancé, 'my right well-beloved Valentine.' Fast forward a few centuries to February 14, 2005. The three founders of YouTube were unsure which direction to take their new website. Since they registered the domain name on Valentine's Day, it began as a platform for singles with the tagline 'Tune In Hook Up'. Tradition has evolved from cards, flowers, and chocolates, to unique NFTs, crypto coins, and social media shoutouts. 


NFTs are on the way to replacing February 14 romantic gestures. It is not the thought that counts, it's the value of the token. In collaboration with the artèQ investment fund, the Belvedere Museum in Vienna launched the exclusive drop of a historical masterpiece in the name of love. Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, one of the most famous artworks, has joined the metaverse. Limited to 10,000 pieces, each is a unique part of the high-resolution image. Blockchain enthusiasts with a romantic streak can purchase an incredible piece of art. The certificates issued indicate the high-resolution digital image. In the spirit of modern love, these NFTs are resellable. Perhaps a token of love for another occasion? The Crypto Chicks Collection highlights the importance of women in the crypto space, reflecting individuality and uniqueness. 


Engrave your devotion on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency is the perfect love token in a cluttered world. It takes no space and will grow in value. The Valentine Coin is yours for eternity. Embracing a romantic theme, all purchasers receive a numbered certificate exclusively issued for Valentine's Day. According to a new survey by Bitconist, if February 14 spending projections are accurate, more than $1.2 billion will make its way into the crypto market. Coincards has gift cards and prepaid vouchers from hundreds of retailers. Use cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more. On a coffee date? Starbucks gives you the option to pay with digital cash. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Travala accepts over 50 leading cryptocurrencies, offering more than two million accommodation options.


'This Valentine's Day, talk crypto to me’. Mentioning crypto can spark a love connection! It is the market embodiment of identity and value, open, transparent, fair, and equitable. Singles are keen to find a partner in good financial standing and not just money in the bank. Digital investments will help raise the bar. Include an NFT on your social media profile to spike the interest barometer. Or go old school and make your connection with sentiments. Shapeshift, and Etsy produced crypto-focused Valentine’s Day cards - you stole my heart, I would never trade you. If you struggled to find the perfect Valentine's Day love token, the future has your back and your mind. Optogenetic brain implants would render romantic communication as obsolete as the Blackberry. With a gift-giving app, there would be no more relying on clues, hints, or marketing hype. You would know what to buy and where to find it. Out of time to source that unique token? OBCIDO delivers consulting, development, marketing, management, and training services - all in the name of love.

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