5 Buzzwords Leading Technology: How to hack the future.
10/01/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

If you think Robotic Process Automation drives Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things is Wearable, read on!  



This year is all about the metaverse, digital worlds paralleling physical worlds. Theoretically, it is a shared space to hang out in virtual reality. Announced by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, real-time business and social functions will be in the metaverse. The race is on to secure a piece of the emerging market. Meta has generated the most buzz with its foray into dimensional networks, although other tech giants are not far behind. Companies developing software must ensure programs are compatible with alternate systems. As digitization increases, the metaverse models and simulates with growing accuracy. Ericsson developed the internet of senses and predicts that by 2030, virtual experiences will be indistinguishable from reality. 



The giant network connecting your cellphone, headphone, vehicle, lights, devices, and any object with wifi connectivity, is The Internet of Things (IoT). It can lock and unlock doors, book appointments, preheat an oven, and track your fitness. The Industrial Internet of Things integrates network-connected monitors, sensors, and machines in the manufacturing sector. IoT is the future, exchanging data on multiple systems, creating a web of interconnection and unlimited boundaries. With a massive common platform to gather and analyze data, Statista suggests that global spending is forecast to reach US$1.1 trillion this year. By 2030 around 50 billion devices will be connecting globally.



Artificial Intelligence or AI is a clever technology simulating human intelligence using machines, for the most part, computers. Four primary types - reactive, limited memory, self-aware, and theory of mind - detect and analyze interactions to determine connections and insights. The objective is to execute intellectual activities such as decision making, speech recognition, problem-solving, or navigation, communicated in any language. If you call SiriAlexa, or Google Assistant, your voice can command unlimited possibilities. Markets and Markets forecast the global AI market will reach US$309.6 billion by 2026. 



Robotic process automation (RPA) enlists software and AI to imitate the human execution of any process. Completing repetitive tasks and procedures RPA is a growing industry as restricted travel, shortages, and lockdowns affect corporations. Employees can work more creatively, free from mundane tasks. Advances in RPA will drastically change health care practices from surgery, rehabilitation, and therapy, to service industries. Adventurous research and development are coming out of Australia. An in-mouth robot enables dentists to treat remote communities. Laser heads and micro-cameras replace drills and needles. The tooth is analyzed and the decay removed. A recently opened restaurant has programmed a high-tech robot server with a cat face to fill hospitality roles. According to Gartner Inc, revenue for RPA software globally was expected to reach US$1.89 billion last year. They predict a double-digit growth through 2024.



Wearable technology includes any electronic device worn as an accessory, implanted, or embedded in clothing. It can analyze body data and connect devices to record metrics. Clinicians use biometrics to diagnose health issues. Hand jewelry is a big part of the future of wearables. The Movano ring, loaded with health sensors, will be launched this year. Smart-clothing with inbuilt technology adds functionality beyond traditional use. Worn close to or on the skin, it detects, analyzes, and transmits information. Smart -glasses, set to be the next big thing in wearables, have cameras and headphones installed. They can project a computer screen into the corner of your eye! From Smart Helmets to Smart Hearables to Smart Implantables, 2022 is about listening, analyzing, treating, monitoring, recording, unlocking, and recognizing. Be smart - wear Smart.

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