5 Strategies to Maximize, and Maintain, Engagement
13/10/2021 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

Fun fact: The first listicle goes back to the early 11th century, written by Sei Shōnagon, a lady-in-waiting and wisecracking poet.

Attracting visitors to social media platforms is a perennial challenge. A strong presence translates to connections, boosting sales, promoting brands, and ROI. Encouraging viewers to stay and interact is even more difficult. If you can’t get people to engage, all efforts are futile. 

According to SocialPilot, audience engagement - the number of shares, likes, and comments received - separates successful platforms from the not-so-successful. Every form of social dialogue expands your reach, ensuring visitors become customers

Our strategies will help you join the talk and become the conversation.

1. Intrigue and Captivate   

Unique titles and headlines directing visitors to informative content serve as the infamous ‘Call to Action’, and encourage audience engagement.

BuzzFeed has recently popularized listicles - articles created from lists so complicated topics are easier to understand - to educate or entertain readers

Fun fact: The first listicle goes back to the early 11th century, written by Sei Shōnagon, a lady-in-waiting and wisecracking poet.

These bulleted lists, usually starting with a number, drive the brain to retain and categorize information. According to a recent study, a growing number of viewers prefer titles with numbers over any other type. 

5 Strategies to Maximize, and Maintain, Engagement is a typical listicle. The title tells you what to expect and offers a selection of strategies to implement.

2. Observe and Communicate     

Listen to your audience. Offer digestible content, and tap into their preferred engagement method.

According to excpert.ai, chatbots are the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction between humans and machines. Personalized chats have changed how people engage with businesses online. This increasingly popular method of communication has a customer satisfaction level of 92% and attracts immediate attention.

If you’re asking people to share details, create a fun, interactive chatbot that gives more than it takes. Typeform Chat makes the most of automation and efficiency, creating engaging conversations around brands, products, and information services.

3. Inspire and Share

Infographics utilize visual elements to present information, giving audiences unique ways to extract content. More affordable than videos, data visualization is easier to understand and retain.

Understanding the type of infographic to incorporate is the key. If stories involve an itinerary of multiple events, timelines can follow a single flow. 

Diversify and explore content that appeals to different audiences. Shared several times over, an infographic must be worth thousands of words. The key is to know how and when to use it effectively. Check out online software tools CanvaVismeand Snappa.

4. Create and Deliver

Social media imagery should be original and compelling to convey your messages, hit demographics, and engage viewers. Stock images can, at times, miss the mark and your audience. Online design tool platforms like WelcomeSoftware and Hubspot can help deliver personalized content.

Be proactive on all platforms. Create a series and film the episodes over TikTok. Share your expertise and create a tutorial or how-to video on the most up-to-date topics. 

Delivering behind-the-scenes content is a growing trend. Show audiences the creative side of you and your business. Or, create an emoji hashtag in a meme format on a Spotify playlist. 

5. Analyze and Act

If you rely on metric reporting to measure audience engagement, you might feel overwhelmed by the data provided. Spinutech can help turn analytics reports into meaningful and actionable information. 

Traffic is the fundamental gauge of site reach and growth. Pages per session broadly indicate how users find your content and ease of access. Bounce Rate, the percentage of single-page visits, depicts user engagement. An abnormally high rate is generally a warning that people are leaving your site. For general benchmarks, visit Google Analytics


Click-through rate is a powerful metric evaluating how well your indexed search result is driving users. Analyzing the percentage of first-time visits is an important KPI to see whether your site drives multiple visits.

If your strategies are not engaging, OBCIDO can help maintain your audience. Contact info@obcido.com or visit www.obcido.com.

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