5 Tips to Optimize your Platforms: How to Hack for Growth
31/08/2021 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

5 Tips to Optimize your Platforms: How to Hack for Growth.


Growth hacking originated in startups with limited budgets that relied on rapid growth to succeed. It is a fundamental tool for those marketers, developers, engineers, and product managers specifically focused on engaging and building followers and users. Beneficial across all industries, the platform focuses on company expansion, referenced as a process and a digital skillset. 


Ideally, growth hacking is a format that enables businesses to identify the most efficient way to expand. The goal is to test customer service implementations - before further financial investment - replicating those working and modifying or abandoning those that do not. Social Pilot recommends staying ahead of the competition by leveraging hacks to make social media platforms more effective.


The only two long-term goals are growth and ROI. Our tips will help you work smarter, not harder, to increase your reach!


1. Instagram Initiatives


Instagram, a global photo and video-sharing social networking service, launched in 2010. There are now around one billion active users. On this platform, to build, maintain and grow an engaging online presence, it is important to define a roadmap with goals and objectives. Who are you? What do you offer? Where is your audience? Why are you unique? Growth hacking is an effective tool to ensure your content, visibility, interaction, and profitable initiatives encourage engagement and increase followers. Consistent, high-quality content is the key. More than 50 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram, 1,074 every second. Posts with locations get 79 percent more engagement. (OmnicoreAgency). Incorporate a series of unique taglines. Integrate one-off emojis to portray your story. A landing page with a link within your bio encourages followers to engage. Respond and comment to create an authentic connection. Collaborate with industry influencers. Have a voice, stand out and keep up with the trends. Engage with timely feeds relevant to your business and monitor your account. An Instagram giveaway leverages followers to participate and spread brand awareness.

Stories, launched in 2016, allows users to post visuals that disappear after 24-hours. Instagram recommends posting five to seven reels a week. With 500 million sharing this feature, it is a clever way to grow your account. Initiating a purposeful hashtag strategy is a wise move to promote brand recognition. Use compelling images. Story highlights can strategically lead to a product launch and review. Be creative. Cross-promoting on Facebook increases your impressions. Instagram reels up to one minute are gaining popularity as the reach includes products and followers. If it all gets too much, Social Pilot, a post-scheduling app, can help design professional content and an effective timetable. Track your performance benchmarks against the competition. 


2. Facebook Features 


Launched in 2004, Facebook is the largest social media platform worldwide with 2.89 billion monthly users. To capitalize on these numbers and drive viewers to your site, growth hacking is an effective marketing strategy. Your Facebook Page should be approachable, insightful, topical, educational, and add value to your community. Quality content attracts an audience keen to like and share. An active page with loyal followers will direct traffic to your site. Link to a landing page for opt-in freebies, tips, and tricks or drive sales with a Book Now CTA prompt. Custom Facebook Tabs is a feature to add business information and updated FAQs. 

Over one billion people use Facebook Groups. Interact with members to share common interests in different environments. Alternatively, create a group to streamline demographics. Facebooks ads platform makes it possible to zero in on people and actions. With precise options in place - target audience, timing, ad frequency- simple growth hacks can help increase ROI. Facebook Live, a video stream feature launched in 2016, boosts brand visibility. According to Hootsuite, it has the best reach on the platform and draws ten times more comments. Take your audience behind the scenes. Broadcast from your living room or interviewing the newest start-up. Review the latest trends and encourage interaction. On average, a Facebook Live video attracts six times more engagement than a regular video. Rather than read social posts, most people prefer a live stream. Encouraged interaction leads to interest, sharing, loyalty, growth, and revenue.

3. LinkedIn Logic


With more than 756 million members in 200 countries, LinkedIn is one of the top social media networking platforms globally. Professionals offer insights, jobs, products, and services. With 25 million profiles viewed daily, it is imperative to stand out. LinkedIn has simple growth hacks to boost reach, multiply networks, and increase returns. Intentional engagement and compelling visual content are essential. Profiles with pictures generate eleven times more views. According to Photofeeler, include current, affable headshots. Quirky images relevant to celebrities, events, animals and demographics are popular. Connect with top influencers for the latest industry trends and share with your network. Hashtags are not exclusive to Twitter and can be the simplest way to be discovered and connected. For content inspiration, browse breaking news and structure stories with a CTA

Interact with public posts. The more likes and comments in the first 30 minutes, the larger the reach. Post skills, expertise and achievement endorsements. Trending videos and rich media content have a higher sharing rate and increase conversions by 80 percent. Track your views through internal analytics. Sixteen percent of LinkedIn users are members in more than 50 groups and attract four times more views than individually. Simple growth hacking into LinkedIn's two million groups can make a noticeable difference in your exposure and expansion. Target the most appropriate groups, cross-reference, and monitor. As in any new setting, take your time to start the conversation. Nurture relationships, generate leads, expand your reach. Observe. Engage. Share. Grow.

4. Twitter Traffic


Twitter has 353 million active users a month, and in 2020, the platform amassed $3.72 billion in revenue. Statistically, 6,000 tweets get posted every second, 500 million per day, and 200 billion annually. Twitter allows you to connect with a global audience, but only if they follow you. Optimize your profile to attract attention. The centrepiece - your photo - should draw followers to the image behind the story - individual or brand. Audience interaction yields the most tangible results. Growth hacking takes it from there! Twitter's algorithms prioritize engagement in the form of retweets, conversation, and overall follower count. Positive signals create a ripple effect, increasing your reach. 

Twitter threads share developing stories. Announce new features or products, newsworthy updates, live coverage, personal or professional insights. An additional feature adds a photo, video, or GIF to tweets within your thread. Improve engagement by sharing messages on your blog or website. (www.publish.twitter.com) Twitter Polls are a popular feature, and audience engagement is anonymous. Multiple-choice answers in one click, with results in real-time. Twitter has a live video feature powered by Periscope. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, the content is public, thereby extending your reach and interaction with new audiences. Periscope Producer allows brands and organizations to produce high-quality live videos with professional-grade cameras and streaming software. Whatever your growth hack of choice, always stay active. Program Twitter schedules to remind you to comment, like, share, mention, link, chat, direct message, engage, repeat.

5. TikTok Tactics


With over one billion active users, this video-sharing platform, launched in 2016, is available in over 150 countries. The idea was to create a light-hearted, authentic atmosphere. TikTok growth hacks are effective strategies to build your presence because the most effective hack is YOU! Be Real. Be Raw. Be Innovative. Be Present. Your profile must be personable, compelling, and fun. Unlocking meaningful growth requires a well-defined, niche audience and creative posts. Optimize your bio for promotion on other sites with a quirky CTA button to capture leads. Riding the waves of a trend is the best growth hack. Be conversant with what is going on when creating content. TikTok influences the music industry, using trending songs to promote videos. Many of the top 100 songs on Spotify are hits on TikTok. The Tokboard feature keeps track of the most popular tunes to use.

Grow your audience with TikTok Challenges, popular with personalities, influencers, innovative brands, campaigns and most of the planet! Engage with other TikTok creators. A CTA prompt will encourage followers. Incorporate trending hashtags from the suggestion tool option. Use a combination of content-specific and general hashtags for the best reach. Stitch, a feature introduced in 2020, adds the first few seconds of another video to yours. Have some fun. Share a story or add commentary related to the original video. TikTok has a free Pro Account analytics feature that details times users spend and their preferred topics. Implementing these stats can generate meaningful growth. Although mornings and evenings are the best times, monitor your analytics for an accurate snapshot of active followers. From fashion tips to culinary tricks to life hacks that transform, TikTok has a universal appeal. Jump on and leverage trends. Add a twist, mix it up.

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