6 Tips to Drive your Blog: How to Effectively Promote
23/08/2021 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

Write as if you are having a conversation, presenting themes that relate to your audience.

According to the Hosting Tribunal, 500 million blogs posted on 1.7 billion global websites equate to more than two million posts a day! Competition is fierce - bloggers vie for attention as readers negotiate information overload. Blogs are a fast-moving niche, educational, personal, and newsworthy, forever striving to be the next big thing. They help boost businesses, individuals, concepts, brands, services, products, and dreams.

With so much movement, here's how to redirect traffic.

1. Be current

Trending topics in 2021 include Leading Through Change and Uncertainty, Diversity and Inclusion, and Maintaining Positivity, Balance, and Mental Health. This noticeable deviation from popular Fashion, Food, and Travel Blogs, reflects the current interest in lifestyle coping mechanisms. When choosing your topics, identify those with reasonable search volumes and are not excessively competitive. Online tools such as Ahrefs or Ubersuggest help generate keyword ideas to improve and expand your content marketing strategy.

2. Be You

Write as if you are having a conversation, presenting themes that relate to your audience. Be personal and passionate. Putting a virtual face to your business builds trust, ultimately growing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Blogs are one of the best platforms to make and nurture connections, as your audience shares topics of interest.

3. Be Engaging

Blog posts reflect a personal side of social media. Publishing insights, thoughts, and stories have the power to captivate your audience. Be creative with your words. Encourage conversation. Address issues. Share findings, product information, and industry updates. Blogs can have a tremendous impact by attracting traffic, and building your social media prescence. Regularly update as Google gives higher priority to websites with fresh content. 

4. Be Compelling

Write creative, attention-grabbing titles - they are almost more important than the content itself. When you entice readers with captivating headlines followed by engaging text, your readership is bound to increase. However, not too compelling! If you post your blog on Twitter, quirky taglines can get your account reported as Spam and suspended. Be mindful of words that, if taken out of context, can be construed as culturally offensive.

5. Be Informative

Often a series of editorial content centered around industry expertise blogs helps attract leads, and encourage audience participation. You should be passionate and knowledgeable about your chosen topic. Take the opportunity to help readers resolve a challenge with actionable steps in a personal manner and approach. Establish credibility with your research and data. Demonstrate you are an authoritative source and a leader in your field.

6. Be savvy

Social media sites can become top traffic sources. Share your blog posts on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Nurture your networks, and share informative content. Brainstorming will get you off the no-idea couch. Focus on a niche with a promising chance to succeed. Research and be mindful of your competition. If you're not on track, think about altering your topic range, adjusting the timeframe, or choosing a different audience. Always take a positive approach when introducing a new format.

Novice website bloggers should focus on topics that align with audience demographics and current trends - as opposed to personal interests -for maximum reach.

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