8 Tips to Get your Call to Action Answered: How to expand your marketing strategy
13/08/2021 | Written by Omar Kandil, CEO | Edited by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

Routinely testing your CTAs will have a significant impact on your overall marketing campaign.

All successful marketing strategies include Call to Action (CTA) buttons, prompting an immediate response for service and sales. CTAs drive your online platform to specific sites or actions and direct customers to support services. It is customary to feature CTAs on websites, emails, social media calendars, newsletters, and promotional material. Cleverly designed, they will boost your conversion rate and increase revenue.

Pushing buttons gets results!

1. Content

The key to a powerful CTA is compelling content that gives your audience a reason to act rather than defer. By using relevant language, viewers will understand the outcome when they click the button. The closer the experience matches the expectation, the higher the customer satisfaction and success rate.

2. Language

The most effective way to increase your conversion rate is using your audience's language in every CTA. It is vital to mirror their tone and words on reviews, brands, social media postings, etc. By implementing common speak in a natural environment, you have a better chance of motivating viewers to 'click'.

3. Placement

In a study undertaken by Eyetrack III, viewers most often focused on the upper left corner before going left to right then scrolling down the page. This tactic is simple logic - we mostly read in this manner. Once you design an eye-catching tagline with simple graphics, place your CTA at the top left and wait for the sound of clicks!

4. Size Matters

Size should be in harmony with the context of the page and the other qualities of your CTAs. For example, if the page incorporates a graphic or picture that strengthens the message, the CTAs should follow suit in format and size. Our Senior Graphic Designer, Rakan recommends 'the CTA should be large enough to stick out yet not large enough to overwhelm the design'.

5. Breathing Room

Less is more - don't overwhelm your CTAs with unnecessary language. Use words that are crystal clear and relate to audience behavior. Create harmony between CTAs and other web page elements. Enhance your users to take immediate action. Another strategy is to fill your CTAs with warm background colors - red and orange. Visually, they can also appear to be larger than cooler hues like blue and green. 

6. The Contrast Debate

The quickest way to lead viewers to your CTAs is to incorporate colors that contrast with backgrounds. The use of red has sparked heated discussion as some believe it increases click-through rates. Others argue that colors should complement web page context and overall design. Another technique is to incorporate different typography, with some text larger and more emphasized than others.  

7. The Hover Effect

You have probably come across CTAs that alter when you hold your mouse over them. This is known as the hover effect. It gives the impression the CTA is instantaneously clickable, progressing the visitor one step closer to taking action. You can alter the button's color and brightness, cast a shadow or zoom in and out. There are numerous interactive guides and tutorials online to help create your unique effect and draw traffic to your CTAs.

8. Routine Testing

Routinely testing your CTAs will have a significant impact on your overall marketing campaign. In one instance, changing one word in the Call to Action generated a 38.26% lift in conversions. Should you half or double your CTAs, place an essential CTA toward the middle or the end of the month, do links or buttons get more traffic? Even a decline in clicks will help you understand your audience better. There are many software packages available to help you discover, consolidate and communicate user needs.

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