Culture Advances Technology: How Our Footprint Matters.
09/05/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

Culture relates to online communities with shared experiences - forever changing and evolving with the advancement of technology. We are no longer geographically limited in our interactions. Culture is about accessibility and connectivity advancing in renewed and exciting ways with digital footprints identifying and expanding brands.

Technology influences significant aspects of daily life with the power to impact entire cultures and populations - how we behave, think, work, and communicate online.

Delivering unlimited potential and mass appeal, it is available to almost everyone. According to Statista, the number of Instagram users in 2023 is forecast to reach nearly 1.2 billion, with Facebook around 2.93 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of this year.

Technology encourages global communities to interact. Who could have predicted TikTok, with algorithms promoting viral discovery, would become the epitome of sharing, especially among Gen Z. Last year BusinessofApps reported it was the most popular app globally, with 656 million downloads. The affinity between technology and culture has unlimited potential. Advancement relies on trends, demand, or renewed interest.

According to RunRepeat, a running community website, the sport became one of the most popular fitness trends last year, rising 57% globally. Identifying a growing market, Strava developed an app for runners and cyclists, accessible in 14 languages and 195 countries. Users track workouts and claim fitness goals on social media. One of the best training apps for stat-obsessed runners, there were 1.1 billion shared activities in 2020.


Technology is rapidly evolving as each generation advances from the last. Media globalization captures our attention as the physical world relies heavily on online presence, with exchanges accessible on multiple devices. Culture and technology must keep up with each other at lightning speed. Advanced technology supports a growing culture, driving change in our lives as more options and services become available.

Due to various phases of restrictions the world has been facing, billions of people have evolved from sitting in a movie theatre to streaming services from home. Enter Letterboxd, stage right with a user base of three million last year. Not content with just watching a program, it is a global network for film and television discussion that lets you track, save, and share movies.

As communication platforms evolve, we can choose how, when, and where to connect via technology. Text or Face-to-Face, WhatsApp or Facetime, Zoom or Vimeo, Stream or Box Office, Download or Purchase, Alexa or Siri, Google Search or Brainpower, Metaverse or Local Cafe.

Culture adapts quickly to new technology, enjoying multiple options of what to do, where to go, what to buy, and how to pay. However, if the cutting-edge technology of NFTs, blockchains, bitcoins, AI, Quantum Computing, and 5G becomes too advanced, go for a run!

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