Holiday Engagement Hacks: How to Strategize your Easter Campaign.
11/04/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

Social media engagement during the holidays traditionally spikes, and Easter is no exception. Typically a high revenue season, the most extravagant chocolate bunny is valued at $49,000 and includes a pair of 1.07-carat solitaire diamonds for eyes. Fluffy rabbits, baby chicks, hot cross buns, chocolate eggs, and bunnies ensure marketing campaigns are competitively unique, captivating, profitable, and delicious.

Cadbury UK's 2022 Easter campaign features a twist to its iconic Creme Egg. Until April 17th, a limited number of half-white, half-dark chocolate eggs are hidden amongst the single Cadbury Creme Eggs. The ultimate prize for finding one is £10,000. The only prize for eating one is £00,000.

Together with global creative agency VCCP London, the tongue-in-cheek 'How do you NOT eat yours featured in over 30 online and print publications. An Instagram post promoting the search comes with a WARNING and amassed more than 44,000 views.

The egg hunt became an Easter tradition in 16th-century Germany when a priest organized the men in his congregation to hide eggs for the women and children to find. This century you can join virtual Easter egg hunts and invite clients, customers, associates, family, and friends to join the search. Choose a location anywhere in the world, click the street, hide your egg, and send a clue. User-generated content builds loyalty to maximize engagement. Easter presents the perfect opportunity to connect with your audience.

Surround your product or service with an adorable bunny wearing sunglasses or perched on a hot cross bun visiting websites. Play with iconic imagery and add an Easter message. Simplicity is pivotal.

There is more to an Easter egg than painting, collecting, or eating. Technically speaking, it is a message, inside joke, or feature concealed amongst interactive features, triggered by keywords or numbers. They are hidden deep in technology, created for fun by developers to baffle users. Easter eggs first appeared in Adventure, a 1980 video game for the Atari 2600 game console. Now a legendary tale, one of the programmers hid his due credit, revealed only by unlocking a secret room containing the words, 'Created by Warren Robinett.'

Developers went on to use Easter eggs to communicate with their players. They referenced pop culture, jokes, or secret weapons, to enable controllers to break through walls for a wink. Google Search is a big fan of Easter eggs. Try not to get turned around, or roll. If you start to tilt, unzip or clear your screen. Add Easter Eggs to your social media platforms for a competition. Our Code World is a knowledge base for simple and complex programming.

Hop to it and strategize your holiday marketing campaign. Run an Easter-themed social media contest. Consider your audience and collaborate with other brands or iconic images to grow your reach. Implement influencer marketing if you're not selling chocolate, rabbits, or eggs. Exclusivity and originality create social media hype. Incorporate seasonal strategies into your calendar and join the conversation to help boost SEO and shareability. Use the momentum of Easter to keep a consistent presence on social media. OBCIDO can help expand your potential - you can put all your eggs in our basket!

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