International Literacy Day: 3 Words Companies Must Learn.
08/09/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

"At a time when we need to reinvent a world of hope, literacy is more important than ever." Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General.

International Literacy Day, celebrated on September 8, was founded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1966 to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights. It aspires to raise global attention, highlighting the necessity of intensified efforts toward more literate societies. Eradicating little or no education defines International Literacy Day. This year's theme is to rethink the fundamental importance of learning for human development.

Failing to invest in Youth triggers substantial economic, social, and political costs. Negative behavior can impact society at the expense of billions of dollars.

Literacy continues to challenge society. It is the key to personal empowerment, dignity, and self-worth. Basic skills equip individuals to transform their lives by improving overall living standards. In business, company training should align goals and knowledge-based decisions. Employing interdisciplinarity, interactivity, and synthesization measures will ensure employees gain more than just knowledge.


Interdisciplinarity actions merge traditional learning techniques to address new approaches or solutions. In business, they combine strategies and insights into one common task. Principles central to the interdisciplinary process incorporate commitment, a common goal, regular communication, and data exchange. Employees require more than just knowledge to develop ideas across diverse perspectives.

Companies should introduce interdisciplinary problem-solving skills, integrating knowledge and experience from more than one area. In management, this would entail two or more consultants from different disciplines working as a team in the same field. Programs should incorporate technological awareness, digital skills, action, diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Interactive learning has evolved from the hyper-growth of digital technology and virtual communication. Corporate leaders need to support the development of positive collaborative skills. Negative interaction generates confusion, anxiety, and tension. Interdependent techniques such as group discussions and peer reviews - as opposed to lectures and complex manuals - are better positioned to drive retention and boost engagement results.

Companies will limit the capabilities of their employees if they fail to recognize trends or integrate interactive training techniques into education programs. Millennials favor virtual, collaborative learning experiences, which result in higher productivity, loyalty, and engagement. These methods afford an increased sense of autonomy, freedom, and balance. Interactive learning zeroes in on the exact content or result required instead of digesting excess data for a solution.


Synthesization compiles background knowledge, new ideas, connections, inferences, and summaries into a new whole. Instead of summarizing the main issues, gathering data and findings from multiple sources deliver the overall point. Merging diverse components, ideas, influences, or objects provides a competitive advantage in business.

This strategy allows employees to have a better understanding of processes. They will be able to build, develop and formulate more productive outcomes, and go beyond what has been learned, understood, applied, and analyzed. The demand for increased knowledge in the workplace across all business sectors means literacy programs must include interdisciplinarity, interactivity, and synthesization measures.

OBCIDO is committed to achieving unparalleled outcomes with a strong focus on education. Recognizing the importance of literacy, OBCIDO Academy has partnered with the International School of Communication (ISOC) London. Courses, run by certified experts, are accredited, inspected, and audited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education. On International Literacy Day, it’s your role to enroll!

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