International Programmer Day: 3 Ways to Code for Success.
13/09/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

"You might not think programmers are artists, but programming is an extremely creative profession. It's logic-based creativity." – John Romero (Video game industry developer)

International Programmer Day honors the positive changes that programmers deliver to enhance everyday lives and was launched in 2007 on September 13th. The 256th day of the year represents the number of values defined with a byte, a value well known to these technical professionals.

Programmers specialize in code, building apps, and tools for internal use in marketing and business operations. They create, test, and troubleshoot coding languages within software applications, enabling programs to run smoothly and successfully.

Computer programming is the lifeblood of daily existence, connecting devices and individuals in a globally automated world. Following specific instructions, programmers think innovatively about ways to make codes functional.

Coding enables companies to make the most of technology by utilizing languages that bring unique perspectives to their organization. Nearly every significant industry sector requires programmers to maintain their infrastructure. To program for success, ensure your codes are good, adaptable, and reliable.


Good code looks orderly, not over-complicated, bug-free, simple, and aligned with convention rather than single-use solutions. Depending on company needs, user behavior, and demand, a good code does what it is intended to do, adjusts effortlessly, and keeps up with change. Parts are individual and of high quality, fit together seamlessly, and run smoothly.

Bad code happens when a programmer doesn't consider future changes and ignores the possibility of other developers touching the code. Individual parts are jammed together in a way that makes no sense and runs roughly. Bad code can generate problems, especially from long-term perspectives. Unpredictable, it is difficult or impossible to add new functionalities to bad code.


As technology and platforms transform, new languages and tools are released to adapt to the latest features and advancements for better efficiency. An adaptable code should be readable, testable, maintainable, and embrace change. It tolerates environment shifts without external intervention.

Security companies rely on adaptability for ongoing protection. AI programmers are writing codes designed to improve the efficiency of tasks formerly performed by humans. Depending on your business, you might benefit from chatbot programs to answer common customer queries or concerns.


Reliability refers to the consistency of coding segments assigned to the same categories. Reliable code produces the same results from day to day or coder to coder. It identifies what each fragment of code expects to get and defines how to handle exceptions or unexpected input.

Globally, everyone benefits from the reliability of programmer tools. Telecommunication continues to advance, and the automobile industry relies on code for the latest models to roll off the assembly lines. If code quality is unreliable, it could lead to financial loss or a waste of time due to maintenance, modification, or adjustments.

Careers in programming continue to expand in every industry sector. At OBCIDO, our development team implements good, adaptable, and reliable code. Need some help deciphering? Let's Connect!

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