Metaverse Fashion Week 2022: Leading the Virtual Runway.
21/03/2022 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

A colossal fashion event - and a first - takes center stage in the metaverse this month. Decentraland, a virtual version of the existing world, collaborated with luxury NFT marketplace UNXD and Vogue Arabia to host Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) from March 24th to 27th. An immersive experience, designer-clad avatars will sashay down multiple runways. Decentraland's luxury marketplace, inspired by the architectural design of Avenue Montaigne in Paris, is home to exclusive haute-couture.

Fashion houses and talented creators will be offering their unique virtual avatar wearables. Global high-end brands include Elie Saab World, Guo Pei, ETRO, Dolce & Gabbana, Selfridges, Tommy Hilfiger, Roberto Cavalli, Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Hogan, and The Fabricant. They are mixing with digital-first entities, including AUROBOROS, and DRESSX, to produce the next generation of fashion. No ticket is required, just an electronic device, a VR headset, and your avatar. Digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are all accepted in Decentraland. Buy a design off the runway, walk the runway, or indulge in a VIP experience.

You can interact with other fashionistas, frequent celebrity afterparties, live music sessions, and unique artistry. 'Offering shoppable and virtually wearable items is important for the maturation of digital fashion in the metaverse', voiced Sam Hamilton, Creative Director of the Decentraland Foundation. With clear signs of maturing, Morgan Stanley predicts the metaverse could represent $50 billion of the luxury fashion industry by 2030. First in, best dressed, repeat. Captivating designs and sustainability will get you a spot on the metaverse runway.


When the world is your oyster, do anything you want. When the metaverse is your oyster, be captivating.

The Human Chameleon. Photo: Marcus Machen

Hats off to Kristine Walker - The Human Chameleon - whose augmented reality brings millinery to life. She was recently selected by Creative Victoria in Australia to explore digital technology in fashion. With great success under the direction of Ignition Immersive, her stunning designs transform into living digital headpieces. Hats off to the fashion houses captivating the imagination of avatars in the gaming metaverse. With more than three billion people logging onto virtual identities, it is the ideal environment to introduce gamers to high-end fashion. The fashion industry is regularly appearing in video games, with Balenciaga and Dolce and Gabbana recently making their move. Ralph Lauren is pitching its iconic brand to a new, younger generation. Hats off to the inaugural MVFW, with its global accessibility, set to captivate the fashion metaverse with brand new and iconic creations. Substituting real-world fashion events for virtual runways is a step closer to reducing the carbon footprint.


Digital fashion and sustainability go hand in hand.

Sustainable Fashion

According to Woolly Green, the fashion industry, worth $1.5 trillion globally, significantly contributes to textile waste and carbon emissions. It is the second most polluting industry after aviation. Last year digital fashion production saved 3300 liters of water per item and emitted 97% less CO2 than physical garments. In 2021 the McKinsey State of Fashion Report announced that ‘recent data indicates we have vaulted five years ahead, in consumer and business adoption of digital, in a matter of months.' For the first time, MVFW is entering the metaverse, modeling unique digital collections down the runway. Captivating and sustainable, it would sell out if the metaverse had a limit on numbers.

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