This is How OBCIDO is Tackling Mental Health
13/09/2021 | Written by Chaker Khazaal, Chairman | Edited by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

OBCIDO is Matching Paid Public Holidays with Paid Mental Health Days

In the last two years, humanity has suffered due to the overwhelming challenges of COVID-19. The global pandemic shut borders, crippled movement, paralyzed economies, compromised industries, and spread fear among the masses. As social distancing increased, people became anxious about work. Owners struggled to keep businesses afloat, and parents grappled with homeschooling. Individuals and families were isolated in lockdown while exposure sites multiplied.

The majority of the population, although adapting to some degree, has been suffering. Vis-a-vis the pandemic, conflicts, natural disasters, and life-threatening events paved the way for an emotionally and physically exhausting way of life. We are becoming a tired generation, persisting existence.

On the one hand, OBCIDO celebrates and empowers our employees. A great asset is a team that rises above such disastrous circumstances and continues to strive for excellence. Employees come together to help clients and partners with web solutions, digital marketing, and PR strategies. On the other hand, we fully understand the effect of the pandemic on our communities and how staff must adjust to, at times, unforgiving circumstances.

OBCIDO's Middle East team suffers ongoing economic and security challenges, and employees in the United States and Canada struggle with the day-to-day ramifications of the pandemic. Our Senior Content Editor in Australia has been in an extended lockdown for over 220 days. Recognizing the ongoing psychological issues of COVID-19, especially in the workforce, OBCIDO is launching a Mental Health Program for all employees. Effective immediately, OBCIDO will match paid public holidays with equal paid mental health days.

Each member of the team is eligible for 12 mental health days a year and, as a condition of the program, must enlist two of the following services:

  • seek professional help,
  • self-help apps to improve mental health (uMoreMoodfitMoodMission)
  • talk about mental health with family or friends.

Should the situation escalate, an employee can apply for an extended paid period of absence.

Many parts of the world are starting to reopen post-pandemic. As a company, we must ensure the transition is smooth on all fronts, beyond just safety and physical re-integration measures. A healthy component of OBCIDO's core values, we strongly support mental health - it matters.

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