Well-tailored mobile apps can help improve your lifestyle.
27/03/2023 | Written by Barbara Weinberg, Senior Content Editor

"You can find over 140,000 apps on the App Store, and guess what? There's an app for that" ~ Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. 2009.

Mobile app trends constantly evolve with new technologies and user behaviors. BuildFire, a leading app development platform, verified that 6.3 billion smartphone users spend 88% of their time on apps worldwide.

Twenty-one percent of all millennials open an app at least 50 times a day, and 49% of people, at least 11 times. Due diligence is vital before downloading any app. Precautions should include researching developers, analyzing permission lists, scrutinizing reviews, and paying attention to installation procedures.

In 2023, mobile apps are predicted to generate over US$935 billion in revenue, with no sign of slowing down in the foreseeable future. Our featured digital tools can help improve your daily life.


Health and wellness apps are on the rise. According to uSwitch Limited, a UK-based comparison service, Australia ranks highest worldwide - followed by Canada, the UK, and America - tracking everything from sleep to weight to steps.

With 80 million downloads, Headspace presents mindfulness and meditation courses in a relaxed format that gradually introduces new techniques. It is simple to navigate and offers to-do lists and group sessions to create a sense of community and connection.

Although similar apps are available, Feel Better helps with everything from exercise and a plant-based diet to mindfulness and sleep. This easy-to-access app is an effective, engaging way to help improve your health.


It has been reported that the Translation Services Market size, valued at US$39.37 billion in 2020, is projected to reach US$46.22 billion by 2028.

Google Translate has text, voice, and scanning options. You can take photos of signs; just point, shoot, and translate! In 2022 Google reported that new artificial intelligence technology is constantly developing to expand the app's repertoire, adding 24 new languages, from South Asian to Indigenous South American.

iTranslate is a leading translation and dictionary app with voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages. With SayHi, you can record your voice and adjust the gender and speed of translation.


By 2028, the global smart home market is expected to reach $10.9 billion, with North America making up over a third of the valuation. Advanced security systems, lights, thermostats, and cleaning devices can be accessed remotely through smartphones.

One of many apps available, Home Assistant can connect with more than 400 different components. The software is designed to be a central system automatically scanning your network for known devices.

Google Home can control over 50,000 compatible smart home devices, including cameras and speakers. You can also access reminders and notifications via the app.

The latest smart home statistics indicate 60.4 million households in America will be actively using smart home devices in 2023.


There are hundreds of photo editing apps available worldwide. The Financial Market Indicator (FMI) forecasts the revenue share to expand from US$ 318.2 million in 2023 to US$ 572.3 million by 2033.

VSCO is a popular app with editing features and filters that allow users to share pictures with other platform members. Adobe Lightroom offers advanced adjustment tools and a wide range of presets, while Instasize has over 80 filters to enhance images and videos. You can add backgrounds and formats that align with social media channels for optimum outcomes.

Snapseed, a free photo editing app from Google, offers selective adjustments for specific parts of your picture. AI image generators such as Jasper Art are recommended for creating images in different styles, and Dream by Wombo is suggested for beginners who take personalized shots.

"Because of advances in technology, you can now have much more tailored experiences delivered directly to you through your mobile phone." ~ Barack Obama.

Compelling trends drive the mobile app ecosystem forward. As new technologies and user behaviors emerge, well-tailored options can help improve your health, language, home, and image.

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