Book Management
Your Writing Journey Starts Here!

OBCIDO is passionate about every writer's story and streamlines the processes to ensure a seamless experience. Our teams manage all aspects of book publishing, from coaching to editing to putting books on shelves. Collaborating with our branding and marketing departments, we successfully navigate your writing career.

We’re committed to your story!

OBCIDO facilitates the creative conception of a book develops ideas into manuscripts. Coaching services with best-selling author and our Executive Chairman, Chaker Khazaal, will motivate you to finish the last chapter.


OBCIDO personally manages every aspect of the editing process, from plot suggestions to final proofreading.


OBCIDO's diverse team of creative skill sets understands the author's vision, expertly translating to compelling book covers, illustrations, and feature pages.


OBCIDO delivers the whole package and steers the way to the most appropriate publishing options. We are committed to expanding readerships.

We also do your PR & Marketing

OBCIDO's experienced PR & Marketing Department implements strategies specific to books and readers. We offer published book reviews, signing events, online ads, billboard advertisements, and more.

Your writing journey starts here!
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