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OBCIDO is one of the first agencies in the world to introduce services for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), the latest blockchain sensation. Our team is certified NFT experts by Blockchain Council in California. We specialize in projects that achieve sustainable growth and success while engineering solutions. We understand the industry and how to employ marketing strategies that foster trust, strengthen relationships, and drive mass appeal. From NFT creation to community management and influencer marketing, we have the skills and expertise to establish your NFTs on a global platform.

Ready to join the Metaverse?

OBCIDO's innovative team brings creations to life precisely as envisioned by the client. We provide deep analysis and detailed consultation. Our certified NFT experts build the foundations of every project from the early stages.


OBCIDO has extensive experience in 2D and 3D generative art collections for the Metaverse. From the initial creation of NFTs to promotional posts, videos, and graphics, we design NFTs from start to finish. Our NFT specialized designers translate ideas into compelling visuals.


OBCIDO develops uniquely crafted strategies to market NFT projects to the rightful audience.


OBCIDO produces NFT roadmaps and manages the process from creation to sell-out. Our project team's pitch decks spark appeal and convert audience interest into sales.

Web Development

OBCIDO's creative team develops unique landing pages and minting websites. Our Web3.0 department offers ETH and SOL smart contracts in addition to the complete management of Launchpad.

Social Media

OBCIDO believes Web2.0 is an eternal tool as traditional social media channels - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.- will continue to captivate the world. We fully manage the social media platforms of the NFT project itself, together with its founders.

Community Management

OBCIDO believes the success of NFT projects lies in the hands of engaging and loyal communities, with community management essential to project success. We are available 24/7 to assist with social media, Discord, and other platforms.

Discord Management

OBCIDO manages Discord servers, vital for NFT projects. Our highly qualified and dedicated Discord Admins and moderators create and manage servers around the clock. Our 24/7 Discord Management service keeps the audience interested and engaged.


OBCIDO is proficient in scammer detection, choosing the best promoters for your project. We have invested resources to finalize a list of the best to take your NFT project to the next level.


OBCIDO identifies top influencers in the field. To excel in your project, we pair your NFT with an influencer for organic collaborations.

Bring your creation to life!
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