Our People

The diverse pool of talent at OBCIDO reflects the multiculturalism of our clients, associations, and communities. Our team is a powerful blend of backgrounds, education, ethnicity, race, and geographic locations, driving innovation and exceeding expectations.

Chaker Khazaal,

An award-winning author, acclaimed reporter, inspirational speaker, and innovative entrepreneur, Chaker graduated from Toronto's York University with a BA, focused on International Affairs. In his early 20's, he was ranked 1st by Arabian Business Magazine's 100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40 and presented with the Mentor Arabia Award. He has worked with leading brands, companies, and organizations worldwide, delivering exceptional outcomes. Commanding global attention and accolades for his business acumen, Chaker has the expertise to provide support and leadership in his role as Chairman of OBCIDO.

Chaker Adam Giambrone CEO (Honorary)

Adam brings over 20 years of strategy implementation, operational procedures, and effective leadership skills to mentor our global team. He holds an undergraduate degree from Montreal's McGill University, an MBA from the University of Toronto, and a Master's degree, focused on mass transit operations. An experienced consultant in managing large teams across transportation and public policy sectors, Adam held senior positions in North America and the Middle East. As Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, he drove the $18B long-term rapid transport expansion plan. A strong communicator, decisive, and engaged for impact, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge, insight, and commitment to his honorary role at OBCIDO.

Omar Omar Kandil COO

With distinct proficiency, Omar oversees operations and, with comprehensive planning and research, manages the international team. With a BA in Business Administration, Omar has held Executive Managerial positions, working on prestigious campaigns in the US, Europe, Middle East, and GCC. He has worked on projects and events with the UN, Facebook, the Athens Democracy Forum in association with The New York Times, and Duggal Visual Solutions (NY), delivering outstanding results. As COO, Omar's experience, confidence, and motivation help expand the company's operational success.

Fadi Katharine Gordon Content Director

Holding a BA in Art History, Katharine comes to OBCIDO with over four years of experience in media, communications, and publishing. She has contributed to prestigious arts and culture publications as both a journalist and senior level editor. A creative and self-motivated wordsmith, Katharine brings the necessary skills to produce first-rate content, delivering an exceptional client experience.

Barbara Barbara Weinberg Senior Content Editor

Creative writing plays a pivotal role in Barbara's career. Besides delivering successful high-end events, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics; The Australian Grand Prix, Ballet, and Opera; and the inaugural roll-out of Lifeline and Landcare Australia, her writing prowess covers all media narratives and platforms. As Senior Content Editor, Barbara is a strong communicator who loves to rearrange words.

Fenton Fenton Jagdeo Business Development

Entrepreneur, investor, community leader, and global advisor, Fenton holds an HBA from Ivey Business School, ranked the top MBA program in Canada. Early in his career, Fenton consulted at Monitor Deloitte and Doblin, helping Fortune 500 North American executives strategize business challenges. Cultivating partnerships, and identifying new markets, Fenton went on to co-found a venture capital company in the Silicon Valley. As a Board member of the Toronto Public Library (the largest neighborhood-based library in the world), his leadership and counsel on a multi-million dollar strategy plan were pivotal to the project's success. A frequent keynote speaker specializing in strategy, innovation, and startup sessions, Fenton brings a unique talent to OBCIDO.

Fadi Fadi Rbeiz Digital Marketing Manager

A self-proclaimed realistic marketeer, Fadi's passion is the ROI centric-marketing approach to increase returns and meet goals. Combining creativity with unlimited possibilities, he is instrumental in helping brands achieve measurable results. Identifying challenges and always ahead of the trend, Fadi's philosophy, enthusiasm, and drive make him a vital part of the OBCIDO team.

Diana Diana Wehbe Content Producer

Holding a BA in Radio, TV, and Journalism, Diana has over 12 years of experience in her field. Multilingual - English, Arabic, and French - Diana's production skills and expertise ensure artistic and technical standards are without flaw. A content producer at MTV Lebanon and a variety of prominent channels and programs in the Middle East, she ensures the delivery of competitive goals, aligning brands with visuals. From live shows to topical video campaigns, overseeing every element from pre to post-production, Diana is an asset to OBCIDO.

Nadim Nadim Rubeiz Senior IT Consultant

With a passion for software development, Nadim holds a BSc in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. He was instrumental in evaluating and delivering projects to top-tier international clients, including Microsoft, Getty Images, IBM, and the Korean Government. Providing solutions to create and implement comprehensive IT Plans, Nadim has the expertise to evaluate systems to meet and surpass business objectives. Understanding the client's needs, then designing and executing solutions makes Nadim an intricate part of the OBCIDO technology team.

Ingred Ingred Monssef Executive Assistant to the Board

With a personal goal to succeed in her field and a BA in Human Resources, Ingred seeks and achieves perfection. Excelling in communication, coordination, and compilation, Ingred has the perfect skill set for her executive role at OBCIDO.

Rakan Rakan Abou Taha Graphics and Video Specialist

At a very young age, Rakan created visual content to communicate messages, from early paintings and drawings to graphic design. Rakan is keen to focus on interactive designs to optimize the user experience and is a critical part of the OBCIDO team.

Joe Caline Abi Farraj Graphic Designer

Majoring in graphic design, Caline communicates ideas that inspire, inform and captivate clients and consumers. To develop intriguing layouts and design, Caline channels high-end technology to make her work come alive. Passionate and ambitious, she is a self-taught digital artist and recently launched a brand with expansion plans in the pipeline. Her motivation, skills and creative assets make Caline a worthy and essential addition to the OBCIDO team.

Mohammad-Hamandi Mohammad Hamandi Senior Full Stack Developer

Configuring, maintaining, managing, developing, Mohammad is proficient in a vast spectrum of framework programming. Holding a Master's degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, this accomplished developer is a valuable resource to OBCIDO.

josian Josiane Makhoul Junior Full Stack Developer

Ambitious, motivated, and hard-working, Josiane is a recent IPNET graduate, having majored in Computer Science. Knowledgeable in the practical issues of implementing computational systems in hardware and software, Josiane is excited to develop her skills at OBCIDO.

jenny Jennifer Zibara Content Executive

Gaining invaluable correspondent and producer experience on The Insider Arabia and Trending on MBC 4, Jennifer holds a Master’s degree in Journalism. Combining the exhilaration of covering a story, to live on air, Jennifer's communication skills are an asset to the company.

Joe Joe Lattouf Executive Assistant to the CEO

Self-motivated and eager for creative challenges, Joe's commitment to data and research is compelling. With a BA in Marketing and Advertising, he determines goals, ensuring each project remains on schedule. Excelling on multiple platforms, Joe has the winning combination for this role.

Joe Yasmina Rebeiz Operations Intern

As a content creator for OBCIDO's clients, Yasmina's attention to detail and strong writing and communication skills make her a perfect internship candidate to join the team for the summer of 2021. Passionate about a career path in psychology, Yasmina's educational journey unfolds this year with her Oxford Summer Courses. With her inquisitive mind, the ability to listen and solve problems, OBCIDO is excited to witness Yasmina's growth in this role and her positive impact on consumers.

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