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OBCIDO is one of the first agencies in the world to introduce services for Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), the latest blockchain sensation. Our team is certified NFT experts by Blockchain Council in California. We specialize in projects that achieve sustainable growth and success while engineering solutions. We understand the industry and how to employ marketing strategies that foster trust, strengthen relationships, and drive mass appeal. From NFT creation to community management and influencer marketing, we have the skills and expertise to establish your NFTs on a global platform.

Service Price
NFT Art Creation & Generation
2D Design Starting $10,000 Contact Sales
3D Design Starting $15,000 Contact Sales
Banner Design Starting $500 / Banner Contact Sales
Smart Contract & Web Development
Smart Contract (ECR721A) Starting $15,000 Contact Sales
NFT Project Landing Page Website $2,500 Subscribe
NFT Project Multiple Page Website $5,000 Subscribe
SM & Community Management
Branding, Graphics, Calendars, Content Creation, and Community Management $3,000 / Month Subscribe
Discord Setup and Admin (Server Creation, Bots Integration, and Channels Setup) $500 Subscribe
24/7 Discord Moderation $2,500 / Month Subscribe
Discord Community Manager $1,500 / Month Subscribe
Discord Collab Manager $2,000 / Month Subscribe
Discord Bundle (Admin, Mods, and CM) $3,500 / Month Subscribe
Video Production
Creation of Compelling Videos That Bring Your NFT Stories to Life. Starting $5,000 / Video Contact Sales
We Write and Publish a News Article About Your Project in Over 100 High Authority News Sites, Including Yahoo! Associated Press Benzinga… $1,449 / Press Release Subscribe
SEO Article Publishing (Big Time Daily, Business Deccan, eNews 20, etc.) $499 / Article Subscribe
Broadway Plaza Billboard NYC (29m Width x 6m Length) $3,000 / Day Subscribe
Nasdaq Billboard NYC (25m Width x 35m Length) $5,000 / Day Subscribe
Mobile Billboard NYC $3,500 / Day Subscribe
Influencers & Promoters Management
We Work With the Best Influencers and Promoters to Insure Greater Reach to the Right Audience. $1,500 / Month Subscribe
Project Consultation
Our certified NFT experts will consult you on everything from development to marketing, influencers, PR, community growth, and more! $2,500 / Month Subscribe
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