PR and Marketing
Be Seen and Heard!

OBCIDO's media experts will get you seen and heard, strategically revealing businesses, projects, or brands from start to finish. Our strong partnerships with traditional and digital media platforms get results where it matters the most.

Results where it matters!

OBCIDO tailors publications to gain unique, invested, and far-reaching viewers. Our team utilizes keywords using the brand's voice, tone, and style and analyzes relevant markets. We are responsible for getting articles in the top-performing SEO international media outlets.


OBCIDO conducts Q&A interviews engineered to reflect and highlight work or projects published in a media outlet. Our highly skilled content producers assist with global SEO ranking KPIs while telling your story.


OBCIDO blends talent, strategy, and diversity into its "Opinion Pieces," articles that express personal insights, typically controversial or provocative. Our team works closely with clients for exceptional results- premium outlet publications in CNN, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

Outdoor Venues

OBCIDO's innovative approach to outside advertising covers premium and executive locations with striking elements and limitless possibilities. Apart from state-of-the-art digital signage, other mediums include vehicles, posters, walls, and billboards, from New York to Tokyo, Dubai to Australia.

Be seen and heard!
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